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Several decades of working and playing in depth with a now-handy range of mediums has left me feeling wealthy beyond measure in the skills, abilities, and experience gleaned along the way. All that rub with wood, metal, oil, fiber, color and light feels like a family of the finest sort in the practice of making. 

The most recent work is Spiritus Naturalis, wherein I'm rather in love with Madrona branches and the creatures that appear when I spend quality time with them in the studio.

Skyhull series: Slipperfin




In 2016 I started the Lumenpear, Skyhull, and Seedpod series with copper armatures, my handmade flax-fiber paper, resins, beeswax and pigments.

Sky House: Gatekeeper

With the Sky House series (2010-15), I transformed wood and bamboo Balinese birdcages from objects of imprisonment to creatures celebrating joy and freedom. 

In 1999, I began a still-ongoing body of work under the Lumenhorse umbrella, in the process of getting a Master of Fine Art degree at UMass/Dartmouth. This work grew out of the explorative integration of land, plant, animal, and architectural forms which had birthed the Treebone Garden, and thrived since with the introduction of inner light and translucence.   

Treebone Garden

Treebone Garden was a series of curvaceous wood and natural oil furniture pieces created in Madrid, New Mexico from 1994-99.