interior finishes

Portland, Oregon

I live and work on Orcas Island...and beyond, by arrangement. 

Since 1994, I’ve specialized in bringing interior surfaces to exquisite resolution with natural/green finishes

My artwork incorporates these materials as well, giving me extraordinary creative range in approaching architectural settings.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

For wood:

Clear, durable finishes from plant resins and oils that bring out the depth and beauty of wood.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pigmented oil glazes for enhanced color effects: to integrate the tones of varying wood species, or coordinate woodwork with other design elements.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

For walls and wood:

Color is a powerful vehicle for creating a deep sense of home. I'm passionate about bringing the right colors to flow with an existing environment or developing a whole palette to integrate personal taste, building materials, the outer landscape, and light conditions.

I love the Colorhouse palette, and their health- and environment-friendly, No VOC and formaldehyde-free paints. This richly-pigmented paint covers gorgeously, saving coats, time and money.

Portland, Oregon

I bring to my projects:

  • An artist's eye, an artisan's process, and a builder's practical know-how. 
  • Punctuality, dependability, and exquisite resolution.
  • 35 years experience working with homeowners, designers and contractors.


Contractor license, insurance and bonding: LUMEN**847R3