commission inquiries

Mandala Sanctuary: Madrona Tree (2013)

With commissions, my role is to design and create pieces that evoke a sense of delighted wellbeing, resonate with a given space, and provide the appropriate quality of light.

Sky House series: Orcan Swallowtail (2015)

My work naturally oscillates between ongoing, explorative series and requests for site-specific pieces. Commissions are often inspired by the directions in which I’m exploring, such as the recent Sky House series, and the current Lumenpear, Skyhull, and Seedpod series. 

Other commissions are substantial departures, bringing with them new ideas and approaches that may well spawn another series. This welcome interplay of the familiar and the unknown keeps the work fresh and growing.

Mood lighting: Aspearsa  (2016)

Sometimes I’m approached with a request for something for a specific spot. Other times, it’s the aesthetic of the work that’s of interest, and we scope out a fitting place for it. I’m happy to work either way. Ideally, I visit the location, but I often work as well from photos of the work’s destined home.

Unbound, an ambient floor piece (2010)

An essential factor upfront in any commission-related conversation is the functionality of the piece: Is it primarily an aesthetic addition to an already sufficiently lit space? If so, it would be considered mood lighting. Aspearsa is a fine example, as it basically lights itself, while sharing a warm, candlelight-like glow with its surround. 

 Task lighting: Cloud Nipper  (2002)

If the requested piece is to provide functional lighting, we'll clarify what qualities the light should have, and I'll design around it. Ambient light adds to overall light level and is more diffuse. Task lighting is directional, focused on areas where activities like reading or cooking take place. Spot lighting is similar to task lighting, but focuses on highlighting things like art and architectural features.

Skyhull series: Sunflitten  (2016)

A single piece can accomplish more than one lighting style. Sunflitten, for example, offers mood light from the bottom, while emitting ambient from the top.

I incorporate energy-wise LEDs, UL-listed components, and gorgeous cloth-covered wire.

I'm open to ideas, fun and easy to work with, and I deliver on schedule. To start a conversation about creating something special for your home, office, sacred space, or venue, you can contact me here.