After years of travel, I'm perched now on Orcas Island, a saddle-shaped speck off the Washington coast, in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest of the United States. For some years I lived in Bali, another rainy, water-bound bit of land unperturbed by continental throb, adrift in its own seasonal rhythms. I returned to the States with a new-found appreciation for citizenship, and for the Northern nature of these bones. 






Home and a studio these days on a saddle-shaped speck in the Salish Sea. Left to my own ways, I make for the joy, grounding and wonderment of it. My work wafts between the ongoing series of the time, pieces by commission, and artisanal landscape works.

This oscillation serves up fresh energy, creative challenges and discoveries that readily feed back and forth. And it does this soul good to balance out the solitude of the studio with the call and response of working on projects that entail a range of people, architectural and natural spaces.

My practice in creating sculpture integrates a love of nature and materials developed over several decades: paper, wood, metal, natural oils and resins, beeswax and a variety of pigments. 

here’s a great deal to be said for showing up for a soul-nourishing practice over a substantial arc of life. The experience of all those periods of intensive focus on particular mediums, including photography, furniture making, architectural coloring, natural/green finishes, woodworking, building, and sculpting is availble now, making much room for free-form imagining.