A series of series


Spiritus Naturalis series: Surf Sylph


I love working in series. Each is an opportunity to evolve with a creative direction over an indeterminate span of time. And for commissioned works, I can reapproach earlier explorative directions with a fresh eye and the bounty of what I've gleaned in the meantime.

The current series is Spiritus Naturalis, in which I'm composing Madrona branches, copper, and pigmented flax fiber to create gestural nature spirits. I'm especially drawn to working with forms that are in fact still, but seem in motion in the viewer's perception.

Lumenpear series: Aspearsa




Most recently, I worked with a related pair of light-emitting series. With Lumenpear, I combined the evocative pear form with other far-flung elements. Aspearsa, for example, embodies both a pear and a garden snail, with the garden abstractly reflected in its surface.


Skyhull series: Sunflitten



With the same combination of copper armature and flax fiber surface, Skyhull envisions boat forms with disparate elements. Sunflitten imagines a hybrid of boat hull and sunflower.


Skyhouse series: Gatekeeper







For a few years I lived in Bali, where I couldn't make my beloved flax paper. There, I reimagined bird cages with rice paper, pigments and copper, converting them from bird prisons to joyous architectural creatures with the Skyhouse series.