This creative phase unfolding

At any time, one might look about and think, My life has come to this

This might be a notable moment, a potent circumstance, or perhaps a broader phase. 

My creative life has come to this: The making of light-emitting sculpture has for now receded, been supplanted by designing and making life-enhancing architectural spaces. 

1937 cottage renovation in Portland, Oregon.

Some of these are based on my Lumenwave tiny building designs, in which I create a curvaceous, dismantle-able structure in a studio setting, then reassemble it at its destination.

With other projects, I’m a hands-on designer, envisioning and remaking existing spaces with a General Contractor’s license and a fine set of tools.

You can check out my portfolios of earlier work here, including furniture and various phases of light-emitting sculpture.

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