Beauty in the the process

The aesthetics of the studio have been on my mind while making paper the past couple of weeks, as it is for me the most beautiful of the many processes behind the finished pieces. In these phases, I’m creating flax-fiber “skin” that will later be incorporated into numerous works. Yet it’s a whole medium and series on its own.

The pile of finished sheets grows, with red-oranges drying.

The flax pulp is specially processed for translucence, strength, and shrinkage. In its vividly wet state, it takes me to my roots as a colorist, and to hours spent in the darkroom as a budding photographer, watching and waiting for the floating images to reveal themselves. Now, the liquid drains and dries, leaving behind huge sheets unlike any other...  (see more of this)

The blue-purples are dried, with blue-greens draining on the screen.

Making my own paper allows me to customize its color play, intensity, texture, and thickness for a series or commissioned work.
Yellow-green and yellow-orange ready go, red-purples on the screen.

I move around the color wheel, building pairs of sheets. Each is a gradient offering subtle variation in color and tremendous creative possibility.